Arizona Craters 1.2--MAJOR Halloween Update

Went through the entirety of Arizona Craters to make a BIG update for Halloween.  This is version 1.2.  Changes include:

--Fixed typos, rephrased some things.  Text has been polished completely.

--Added scene with Mom on Day 3.

--ALL Omar scenes were removed.  They were a remnant of the draft when this was made for game jams, and with the current story, they make no sense.

--Added a few more passwords.

You can still download the original version of Arizona Craters.  1.2 is playable in the browser, and also downloadable.

Enjoy!  Please let me know what you think.


Arizona Craters Play in browser
Nov 05, 2017
Arizona Craters 25 MB
Nov 05, 2017

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