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this is so nice and adorable, heccccc

Aww <3 Quest QAQ


Aw this was so sweet :(
I really want more Bloomic content, I hope the creators will hear my pleas and make more lol...

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woow i didnt know this game had enough of a fanbase to have its own fangames, im pleasently surprised ^^

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Thank you for making this! This is such a lovely fanfic! Quest is a sweetheart and truly deserves the world ❤


I'm glad you like it! <3 Quest is a great boi. :3


love it so much thanks <3


Tysm! C:


Awww such a cute short text game or story! Very adorable especially when Quest was my very first partner in the story!


Omg yes. Haven't even played this yet but I am a SIMP for Quest so seeing this on my explore was such a welcome surprise!


We're glad you like the game! <3