This game requires the arrow keys. It is gamepad supported, but this feature has been untested. If you play with a gamepad, please leave feedback.

Alternate Title: Micro-D.

Colmeircia is a 5-minute metaphorical journey in tune with products like Pretentious Game and Loneliness, with a design inspired by games like Borealis and Particulars. Please consider it the raw execution of an experience, an experience that is reality to many.

Along with the game, I have also assembled a playlist of songs relating to the game's themes. I hope at least one of them can help you. If you are depressed or suicidal, please reach out to a friend or family member, or call one of the hotlines listed at the end of the game. If you are in contact with someone who is depressed or suicidal, reach out to them.

Questions/Comments/Free Hugs/Prayer Requests: Leave your thoughts on the game's A Game By Its Cover page, tweet me @NaomiNorbez, reblog the game's Tumblr post with your thoughts, or find other contact links (including e-mail) here.

Worldwide Helplines

Additional Resources (Link to FemHype's resource page)

Thank you.


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