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Hey, thank you so much for this, I appreciate it. I've been struggling a lot lately as a trans man with a less-than-desirable family life and being taken off my antidepressants quite suddenly. I was managing until this week and I had just been playing games practically rotting in my bed, but this is helping me take the right steps to get help. <3

You don't know how happy I am to hear that.  I'm rooting for you, and hoping the best.  Take care. <3

I liked this, but I couldn't restart it in my browser, and when I downloaded it there was no audio

there is no way to restart this in browser that i can see. i hit 'no' when asked if ready, because i kinda wasnt. annnd.. there ya go

thank you for making this :) hope you are having a nice day/night <

I'm glad you liked it!  You have a great day/night as well! ^u^