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"Eyewear Cleaner 2077 is a look into a world in which the majority of us would be in if this technocratic future were to come about; barely scraping by and at the mercy of corporate greed. . . If you like interactive fiction and were wanting a game to take a hard look at Cyberpunk as a genre in terms of its ‘reality’ then this is a fantastic voyage." -- The Ugly Monster

Play as a glasses cleaner as they go on with their daily life, & spark within them feelings of rebellion.

A response game to Cyberpunk 2077.  The demo is also available in the Back Garden of Spring Thing 2021.

Cover & Background Art of this page by Jasmine "Katy133" Osler.


Buy Now$14.51 USD or more

In order to download this punk response game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.51 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Eyewear Cleaner 2077 (Full Game) 173 MB

Download demo

Eyewear Cleaner 2077 (Demo) 199 MB

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This was quite a joy to play through! 


When installing with the Itch client, I get the error Cannot read the property 'build' of undefined. 


Just found your game. I like it so far! Great work!

I noticed there are a few broken image links though. Things like 'apartmen.png' instead of 'apartment.png', or 'thelawbreaker.png' instead of 'lawbreaker.png'.


Thanks for playing!  I will get to the bugs as soon as I can but I'm in a health crisis atm, more here: https://norbez.itch.io/eyewear-cleaner-2077/devlog/358175/thanks-for-playing-reporting-bugs-but-in-health-crisis-atm-so-please-be-patient-ty

In the meantime, where were these broken links?  A screenshot or a description of where you found them (which day, specific path/choices involved, stuff like that). that will definitely help when I am well enough to make a patch.

I'm glad you like the game.  Thanks again!

I noticed the same thing. One of the broken images is the second image you see after starting a new game.

If you do a Ctrl-F in the code, you should be able to find the broken references to "apartmentd.png" and "thelawbreaker.png" and change them, or I suppose you can just rename the appropriate images. I fixed it in my copy, but it would be nice to see it fixed in the official release whenever you get a chance. Be well.