***Please play in fullscreen for the best experience. Thank you.

Also, a warning: This game discusses abuse.***


A man is on his death bed.
A son finds an escape.
A woman is locked away.
A daughter is growing impatient.
A mastermind plays his game.
And the creature lurks in the shadows. . .

GIVE IT TIME is a short experimental & layered VN that focuses on 6 individuals during one month in 1988, and the web that has brought them together. Made for NaNoRenO 2017, #ResistJam, & Depth in Dialogue.  A game about abuse.

Feel free to share your thoughts here in the comments, tweet at me, comment on GIVE IT TIME's Lemmasoft thread, or e-mail me at mninorbez@gmail.com. If you find any bugs or typos, please let me know & I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Thank you for playing!

This is my 1nd NaNoRenO game this year. Check out my second one, Arizona Craters, here.

If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon.


Update (3/17/17): Version 1.1

- Added some text to the game's endings.

- A few new art CGs, mainly for Richard.

- Still trying to find a way for the player to save their game, a feature pyopyon pointed out is lacking. Hoping to have that in a 1.2.


Version 1.2 is released! (3/23/17)

- The text has been polished all around. That includes fixing all the typos & misspellings I could find. If there are any left over, please let me know & I'll take 'em out asap!

- The game now has a proper icon! It can also be found at the beginning and end of the game.

- Unfortunately, I could not find a way for the player to save their game (if I don't want my GUI to break apart, at least). So sorry, players!

- I'm considering writing some short epilogues for the characters, which can be unlocked at certain endings. Would you want to read that? If so, anything you'd really want to see?


Update (3/30/17) GIVE IT TIME 1.21: Fixed a bug in Richard's second narration; thanks to Bluebirdplays for pointing it out to me.


Update (11/6/17): The game is now at 1.3!  Read more about the update here.


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This has been my favorite NaNo submission that I've read so far. I adore the terse, brutal writing style. It's even poetic at points. Great job!

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like it! :)

*Tear Shed*

(offers tissue)

May I ask what in the game caused you to cry?

hmmm, depends on how much your prepared to do lol ^.^

I really enjoyed the story & I would like more info on the characters. Some background atmospheric music might be cool too. What would BW theme be I wonder........ oh I will send you an email lol I do not want to post any spoilers ^.^

Thanks for the e-mail! I just sent you a reply. :)

It's funny you mention atmospheric music. I put atmospheric music in my IF Comp 2017 entry, The Mouse, and was surprised to find that it got a mixed reception--some people loved it, some hated it. So I've been a little hesitant in implementing music in future games; not to mention, since GIVE IT TIME is a game jam game, music was last on my priority list.

I have been thinking of listing out each character's theme song, though! Finding the perfect one for BW is proving difficult, though. . .

I really enjoyed the story of Give It Time ^.^ I do hope that it get's an update or a sequel. I am curious to know how this will conclude. Keep up the good work Naomi "Norbez" Z.


Wow, thank you so much! I'm very glad to hear that. :) Out of curiosity, If it did get an update or sequel, what would you want to see?