The members of the Hidden Gems Of Poetry Group are close.  Even the move from internet forum to web server can't break their bond.  But heartbreaking news could mean the end of things as they know it.

A short game made for SeedComp 2023.  The writing is by Naomi Norbez, and the game was programmed by Josh Grams.

Please note that Hidden Gems, Hidden Secrets contains discussion of sexual harassment/coercion, and people in positions of power taking advantage of their place.


Hidden Gems, Hidden Secrets 27 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file, go in the folder, and click, "Hidden Gems, Hidden Secrets.html".


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Finally; Someone is approaching chat based interactives!
Thank you so so much, I really hope you are planning on more of those, it's one of my favorite genres tbh. ♥


whoof. that was heavy. very well done


is there going to be a sequel? I know the intended effect and realism is that there would not be, but the lack of closure makes the heavy themes a very hard pill to swallow. Again, probably intended... but ....