A downloadable struggling queer essay

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A discussion on how the Christian community talks about LGBTQ+ issues and people, and how things can improve in the future.


Entry to the 2017 Interactive Fiction Competition.  Got 70th place, and won the Golden Banana Of Discord for the most deviation in votes.

I made a video of my future self reading & responding to this essay, and released a follow-up piece, How To Survive Religious Trauma.


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Hi, I'm reading first parts of your essay but just to let you know: the "algbtical" URL link unfortunately leads to an error page.

The what?  I don't understand.

The link to the lexicon.

I have just finished reading this morning and wow thanks a lot for your text. 

Thanks for learning me a lot about USA history! (Btw I would love to read an Adam and Steve story)

Thanks for your excellent summary about queer is "self love + the right to love for human beings" and christianity "love for God" + empathy in both communities. That's a great sum up helping understand your text. 

Your explanation using the "transganderism" word is also truly clear. It helps a lot to understand what is (was?) the situation in USA and I can see similarities with my country even if Christianity is becoming less and less important through time here, people continue to have this way of thinking and considering queer people. I hope it will become easier to live as a Christian queer person in your country, maybe it's already becoming more welcoming.

Take care and thanks again


I'm glad you found it valuble.  Thanks for reading! <3