Games have the power to change a person's life.  Unfortunately for Adrian and Hanna, it was for the worse.

A fanwork of katy-133's [redacted] Life.  PLAY THE ORIGINAL HERE!  IT'S GREAT; YOU WON'T REGRET IT!  It's ~30 minutes, so give it a shot and come back here afterward!  Enjoy!

Part 1 of the epilogue is here.

Lemmasoft thread:

Development log


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Wow, that was really intense. Amazing stuff!

Thank you. :) & thanks for playing!


you just had to do it

you had to make me cry over a game I played like a year ago

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I had to.  I'm sorry. :,)

At what part did you cry? (offers tissue)


It was near the end, where Clara tells Simon and Adrian why she's so angry and then everyone's sad. 

Honestly, I enjoyed this so much. The original [redacted] Life was great - it used clever programming to move the story along, and the story itself was intriguing, but it missed out on the more emotional side that it could have gotten into. This is exactly what the original game was missing, I think, to make it go from a great game to a nearly perfect one. I think this is the part where I say "headcanon accepted." c:

Thank you so much! ;u; Your comment made my day.  I'm so glad you like it.



Thanks!  Have you played the original [redacted] Life? :)

I have, very much enjoyed it - a great little story!


It is! :)