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               “The main character is one of the best-painted of the competition. . . I’ve played plenty of games with “choices” that generate violence which is clearly imaginary and just a mass of pixels — here, when I picked a less fortunate result for the protagonist, I was actively wincing.”

--Renga In Blue

                “The twine revolution, the voices of the marginalized, the voices of the abused, are some of the best things that the 21st century has brought us. . . And in that aspect the game that concerns us today, The Mouse, fulfills comfortably.”

-- Ruber Eaglenest (translated from Spanish)

               “Reminiscent of My Father's Long, Long Legs structurally . . . [and] think Life is Strange for the feel.”



Better get home quick if you don't want to get hurt, Evelyn Grey.

The Mouse is a slice-of-life game through the eyes of a young abuse victim.  It is not for children, as it contains mature language and themes, as well as alcohol and a brief scene that contains blood and violence.  Unlike in the previous installment, Fantastic Backflip, the swearing is not censored, and there is also more of it.

The Mouse was originally made for the 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition.  This public release has polished the text significantly and edited the format slightly (there were issues in the Firefox browser; those should be gone now).

This game is available for whatever price you see fit.  If you like my work, please consider supporting my work on Patreon.

View The Mouse's official IFDB page.

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Interesting, if dark, stuff. Just a heads up, but the downloadable version got stuck at Steven's introduction for me, the link didn't show up to proceed from there. Played it through without issue via the IFDB link.


Darn!  Really sorry about that.  I'm uploading a new build now to fix that.