This is a super, super short fangame for the visual novel Three Guys That Paint. Enjoy! And play the original game if you haven't!

Published Apr 08, 2017
AuthorNaomi Norbez
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAliens, Short, Space, three-guys-that-paint, Twine


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Ahh! :D Thank you, that was so sweet! I love this! I love all the lore you've added to Three Guys That Paint in this fangame. How did you come up with the names, because I tend to always have trouble with that.

Hooray! I'm really glad you like it! :)

As for the names: I think I combined "Dexter" and "Dee" to make "Deeter"--something gentle with an edge. For Professor Korihythomaik, I tried to make a combination of syllables that were numerous, but still readable/soundable. I think the name Toriyama might've been dancing in my mind when I wrote it. It's a bit difficult to recall; I apologize. ^^;