This is a super, super short fangame for the visual novel Three Guys That Paint. Enjoy! And play the original game if you haven't!


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Ahh! :D Thank you, that was so sweet! I love this! I love all the lore you've added to Three Guys That Paint in this fangame. How did you come up with the names, because I tend to always have trouble with that.

Hooray! I'm really glad you like it! :)

As for the names: I think I combined "Dexter" and "Dee" to make "Deeter"--something gentle with an edge. For Professor Korihythomaik, I tried to make a combination of syllables that were numerous, but still readable/soundable. I think the name Toriyama might've been dancing in my mind when I wrote it. It's a bit difficult to recall; I apologize. ^^;