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Being transgender gives people the power to explore who they are and what they want. It gives so much freedom, including the freedom to explore one’s sexuality. This is a printable tarot card game about that.

It’s an alternate version of 2003.  You’re a transgender person trying to enter a polyamorous relationship.  Luckily, a local private forum called Trans & Together exists just for people like you! Will you find those with whom you belong?


  • A space to explore polyamory & gender
  • solo & group play modes
  • 2000s forum setting
  • a chance to slide into the DMs

This game is considered finished, but may receive updates in the future. I want to hear people's critique very badly, so please comment below what you think of this game!  Also be sure to let me know if there are any typos or whatnot.

Thanks for checking this project out!


This game was wholly inspired by this tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/indie_ttrpg_bot/status/1540221047483445248


Yourself by Kaden Ramstack: https://k-ramstack.itch.io/yourself

The Long Stair by Justin Ford: https://moth-lands.itch.io/the-long-stair

A Space I Don't Know by Alison Huang: https://drazillion.itch.io/a-space-i-dont-know



The Game Designer’s Tarot by Jessica Lee: https://cookiemoon.itch.io/game-designers-tarot

Love Without Emergency by Clementine Morgan: https://www.clementinemorrigan.com/product/love-without-emergency

Trauma Informed Polyamory Workshop: Building Safety & Security by Clementine Morgan: https://www.clementinemorrigan.com/product/trauma-informed-polyamory-workshop


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I'm very curious about this game, but I literally cannot read the page for it - the text/background combo is unreadable to me.

I'm sorry to hear that!  I'll see if I can make a B&W version with higher contrast.

Not the downloaded page, this page, I can't read the description with the blue background with red text

Ah, got it!  I'll make some adjustments to the color now.  Thanks for letting me know!