You have been killed by a monster in a cave.  But, regrettably, your death is not the end. . . 

Playtime: 10-20 minutes, depending on how fast you read.  Inspired by deathly loneliness.  Made for Ectocomp 2017.  Originally had lots of paths, endings, etc. but I had to limit myself to reach Ectocomp La Petite Mort's 3 hour limit--this was completed in just shy of 3 hours.  Whew.

Could be considered a companion piece to this:

Special thanks to Some Strange Circus and Krakken Unleashed for their support.

Development log


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So since this obviously has much more that could be written, have you considered making a sequel to the game? I love this, the concept, the world, the way things functioned for the ghost, and would love to see an ending, happy or sad, for this ghost. 

Thanks for commenting!  I'm glad you loved the game; that makes me happy. ^u^ I've toyed with the idea of a sequel, but haven't committed yet.  Perhaps I will make it sometime in the future!

Great! That is so good to hear! Maybe reply to my comment here again once it comes out?

For sure! C:


Nice stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed that, especially for the short production time!


Thank you so much!  Thanks for playing! C: